Seasonal Samosas

What we Make

Samosas: Pastry filled with seasonal vegetables and our own spice blend, We sell a few variaties including the 'Punjabi', the 'seasonal' and the 'Gobi'.

Pakora: Sliced seasonal vegetables mixed in our own gram flour and spice mix and fried.

Tikki: A Punjabi snack with a spice and seasonal vegetable filing dipped in our gram flour and spice mix and fried.

Indian Crepes: A sweet pastry fiiled with a variety of fillings including 'banana and chocolate', 'apple and blackberry' and 'summer berries' served with Devonshire clotted cream and ice cream.

All savoury dishes are served with an Indian salad and Seasonal Samosas own chutney.


A word about Spices

We are passionate about the healing and curative properties of spices, as well as their amazing flavour. Below are some of the spices you will find in your food:

Turmeric: A rhizomatous herbaceous plant of the ginger family, which turns food a yellow colour. Believed to have health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, helps strengthen bones and cartilage.

Cinnamon: The bark of the cassia tree, it is said that not only does cinnamon improve the body's ability to utilise blood sugar, but smelling the wonderful odor boosts brain activity!

Cardamom: A warm spice like cinnamon which imparts a lovely depth in the food. It is known to help with digestion and is also said to improve blood circulation.

Fenugreek /Methi: Both the seed and the leaves can be eaten from this versatile plant, it is said to relieve the discomfort of arthritis.

Chilli: This sweet looking plant has loads of heat and flavour meaning it is utilised in many cultures. What isn't so well known are its health benefits which include lowering of blood sugar, improving heart health and boosting circulation.

Black Pepper: An amazing tasting spice, which we tend to take for granted now, its health benefits are similar to that of Cardamom and acts as an anti-toxicant.

Coriander: Coriander has become the UK's most popular herb within the last few years with its zesty, fresh taste. The plant itself is versatile with both the leaves and the seeds used in cooking. It is said to lower cholesterol levels, help with anaemia and improve your immune system.

Cumin: One of the worlds most widely used spices, its distinct warm flavour adds depth to the simplest of tomato sauces and to the richest of curries. It is said to help with digestive disorders, the common cold and even insomnia.